Design puffs with pure relax and style

The puffs , a hybrid between armchair and giant cushion, are one of those accessories for the home full of functionality and that tend to like everyone equally, since they adapt to multiple styles. In addition to its usefulness as a seating tool, footrest or even as an auxiliary table, they have a decorative and very personal appearance that brightens any corner of the home.

Puffs with style 1

A few puffs of varied design distributed throughout the house get an effect of comfort, taste and very flattering style, like these made by the French designer Stephanie Marin for the firm Smarin Design , a collection that takes by name "Nénuphares" (in colorines the first ones, in the form of stones the following ones).

Puffs with style 2

Puffs with style 3

It is about beautiful designs made with natural materials and free of chemical products, so they are absolutely respectful with the environment, habitat in which they are inspired. They emulate water lilies and river stones and are available in different colors and sizes. They are made in 100% virgin wool and inside they contain an anti-allergic fiber. Softness, comfort and ornamentation in the same object.

Puffs with style 4

In addition to these colorful designs, we can find many creations in the market, made in the most diverse materials: wool, foam, polyurethane, vinyl upholstery ... and with the most varied shapes: cheeses, squares, stars, dice, mushrooms ... its presence, the puffs refresh the rooms, they are youthful and even are most appropriate for our home office.

Puffs with style 5

Puffs with style 8

Those in the lower image belong to the collection "Big Bang", a creation of the Spanish designer María Àngels Espar for the firm Rafemar . It is an unusual design that transforms the usual puff on a low table, thanks to the non-slip wooden tray that includes on its surface.

Puffs with style 6

Finally, we leave you with a modern puff called "Geo", from the collection Arketipo , signed by Calvi & Brambilla. Of circular form, it is formed by several layers of pillows of different colors that form an original collage.

Puffs with style 9


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