Design mirrors to decorate

The mirrors are a great decorative complement. It is something we have seen on other occasions, so you know that we can build decorations of many different styles thanks to these great accessories. Today we bring you more groundbreaking proposals: design mirrors with a unique originality, for those who clearly bet on innovation.

Design mirrors 1

These are mirrors designed with a very cool that can become that whim that we always dream of having in the living room. Introducing this type of detail in our home helps reinforce more personal and youthful styles, in addition to offering that casual note that surprises and charms our guests. At least that's how the Italian firm has seen it Creazioni , creator of these imaginative mirrors with animal figures.

Design mirrors 2

These other fan-shaped mirrors are a design of T Colzani and they make a great proposal for different styles, from romantic environments to designer lofts. Combined with a gray surface, as seen in the image, they create a magical effect.

Design mirrors 4

This piece in the form of a puzzle will also conquer those who are looking for a breakthrough detail for their home. The contours of this mirror create a very attractive visual game.

Design mirrors 5

We also have a little more classic options, not so avant-garde but certainly interesting. It is a collection of adhesive mirrors that we can paste on the wall creating very different shapes.

Design mirrors 6

And we also have this other collection of mirrors joined by metal arms that create an interesting design structure to locate in any type of space, providing more light and exercising as the best visual complement to reinforce a stay.

Design mirrors 3


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