Design ideas for bedroom without windows

The windows are not only openings to the outside so that the light enters and we can enjoy the view, the windows also have a decorative function. They serve as focal points in the room and allow us to develop the creative style of it when decorating them. Unfortunately some rooms simply do not have windows. Located at the back of the house could be a quiet and relaxing place, ideal for sleeping, but having no natural light or outside views can be quite boring spaces. However, you can improve these bedrooms without windows to make them attractive.

Decorate rooms without windows 1

Since there is so little light in these types of closed rooms we must plan artificial lighting very well. You have to be creative and run away from typical lighting systems. It can be installed on the wall or ceiling to simulate an entry of natural light. Another interesting option, if possible, is the installation of skylights that allow light to enter the ceiling.

Decorate rooms without windows 2

Decorate rooms without windows 3

Decorating rooms without windows 4

In the upper images you can see practical examples of ambient lighting. Indirect ambient lighting is always more natural and relaxing than the typical lamp hanging on the ceiling.

Decorating rooms without windows 5

Windows on the roof, skylights and other options are ideal when the arrangement of the room in the house allows it. At the end of the day between the wall or the ceiling natural light is inimitable. They also allow you to enjoy the wonderful views of the night sky. And the sound of the rain crashing against the glass is also something unrepeatable.

Decorating rooms without windows 6

Another element almost essential in a bedroom without windows are the mirrors. They allow you to look away and create the feeling of seeing the room from the outside and at the same time collaborate in improving the lighting of the bedroom.

Decorating rooms without windows 7

Adam Frank created a type of environmental lighting called Reveal that can transform a room without windows. It consists of a projector with several slides that reproduce different shadows that simulate the appearance of windows.


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