Design cabinets with a lot of presence

Because of their voluminosity, wardrove stand out in decorative environments. In this sense, they can become our allies or, on the contrary, completely out of tune. This is why you have to choose them carefully and try to integrate them into the room where they are without eating the space.

We present a selection of cabinets designed with elegance, cabinets that fulfill their function of integrating with the environment to the point of providing vividness and color. They are bulky cabinets, with a lot of presence and minimalist finishes.

Design cabinets-01

Most of the latest designs on the market incorporate sliding doors, such as the model in two colors, black and white, whose volume is counteracted by the decorative function that incorporates the living room. They are pieces of great dimensions, but that do not clash, as we see.

This other model with an exquisite surface seems to be integrated into the dark wall of the background.

Design cabinets-02

Mirror cabinet surfaces are double-decorative. They amplify the spaces and illuminate the room. This model, in addition to bulky, acts as a separator of environments, in this case, separating the living room and the bathroom.

Design cabinets-3

Blank surface with built-in mirror. Beauty and distinction for bedrooms with minimal decoration.

Design cabinets-04

This built-in furniture offers the same elegance as the rest: a surface in two black ranges that achieves a finish that is as elegant as it is sober.

Design cabinets-05

The lacquered surface of this other wardrobe reflects the volumes of the bedroom, while adding to the geometric game proposed by the different decorative elements.

Design cabinets-06

Built-in wardrobe with sliding doors that blends perfectly with the wall and the decoration of the room. Essential and contemporary designs to be up to date.

Design cabinets-07


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