Design bathroom faucets

The last thing we can find in bathroom trends is the design faucet with LED lighting . Lights that change color according to a built-in temperature sensor, so that the hot water transforms the lighting into red, the cold water makes it turn blue and a medium temperature becomes green light.

Bathroom taps with LED lights 1

These incredible ideas are making the old houses evolve towards the modern futuristic house. We present a small collection of these new taps, proposals more than attractive for those seeking to know the latest trends in the home.

Bathroom taps with LED lights 2

In addition to light sensors, among this collection of contemporary faucets we can find models that make the water fall with a surprising waterfall effect, a magnificent alternative for designer bathrooms. The manufacturing material with which they are made, ultra-resistant ceramic, guarantees any leakage of water.

Bathroom taps with LED lights 3

Among this latest generation faucet we can find models for all tastes and lighting in various colors, to suit the consumer.

Bathroom taps with LED lights 4

The interesting thing about these models is the possibility of seeing in the dark thanks to the small LED lights. For example, if we get up to drink water in the middle of the night, we will not need to turn on the light.

Bathroom taps with LED lights 5

A great alternative to escape the monotony and start introducing contemporary brushstrokes at home.


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