Design accessories for the bathroom

The bathroom it is one of the places of the house preferred by the lovers of the small accessories . Because we need to store and organize different utensils, we can fill this space with shelves, cabinets, hangers and shelves that provide us with an adequate organization of all our cleaning and beauty tools. These are some proposals to put design accessories in this intimate and personal space of the house.

Design accessories for bathrooms 1

The design of this first proposal is reinforced in metal. Hangers and shelves with a minimalist and modern design, which hardly take up space and facilitate the delicate task of ordering towels, brushes, toilet paper, soap dishes ... giving the space an air of the most functional and contemporary.

We change the third and we will see accessories in wood. This material is very favorable for toilets. Containers for toothbrushes, hand soap dispensers and other small cleaning supplies will shine thanks to the softness of the wood.

Design accessories for bathrooms 2

We can use very different models, in dark wood or light wood, with relief or without it, with an ethnic point ... Wood always has that point in its favor, since it adapts to multiple spaces and creates very varied environments.

Design accessories for bathrooms 3

Design accessories for bathrooms 4

Example of a bathroom with wooden furniture where details and accessories in wicker or white ceramic make up a harmonious and very delicate space. The presence of small tropical plants accentuates the beauty of the nuances and illuminates the entire space:

Design accessories for bathrooms 5

More design accessories for the bathroom: a good idea is this pile carved in wood, fascinating aspect, exclusive to reconcile with the most natural designs and with a rustic point.

Design accessories for bathrooms 6

We finish with these ideas of color accessories to illuminate bathrooms. We can play with combinations of cold and warm colors, contrasts with the color of the walls or with the same bathroom furniture to create unique scenarios in this part of the home:

Design accessories for bathrooms 7


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