Delimiting the spaces in the office in an original way

The designers of the firm Radford Wallis have found a new way of effecting the divisions and delimitations of space in the Offices .

Delimiting spaces in the office1

Instead of building foundation walls and separations, they have looked for an alternative way of doing it. Ingenious, novel and even fun.
For these Offices in London, Radford Wallis designers decided to delimit the spaces of a gigantic office using common items in huge sizes.
Scissors, tape measures, an office highlighter, painter's tape; all in extra large sizes. Original and very fun!
The view is incredible and many big companies have loved the idea, to you too ???

Delimiting the spaces in the office2

Delimiting spaces in the office3

Delimiting the spaces in the office5

Delimiting spaces in the office4

Source: radfordwallis

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