Decorative water fountains

The use of small water sources to decorate interiors and exteriors is a trend that comes from feng shui Oriental. With the presence of these homemade springs a cooler environment and a much cleaner air is achieved, which directly influences our mood. The sound of flowing water relaxes the senses and gives us the tranquility necessary to cope with the daily hustle and bustle.

Decorate with water fountains 1

With a water source we can create spaces full of harmony, decorate our favorite corner, where we usually relax, or simply brighten the view of the garden with the beauty of the water cascading down. We will have a harmonious interior atmosphere full of peace, and a fresh and versatile exterior.

Decorate with water fountains 2

Decorate with water fountains 3

There are fountains of all sizes, to put on the floor or to decorate the surface of any table in the home. They are usually made of stone or slate; others can be made in ceramics, resting on a bed of pebbles ... it will depend on the model itself. Many of them are adorned with figurines or aquatic plants, which give them an even better appearance.

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Decorate with water fountains 5

All of them fill the air with music, with the cadence of the water slowly flowing from the fountain.

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