Decorative vinyl to give a personal touch to the decoration

For your room, the living room, the dining room, your bathroom, and even the kitchen. The decorative vinyl are the ideal accessories to give a much more personal touch to the decor of our home.

Decorative vinyl

In Notonthehighstreet They know well that and that is why their proposals on vinyl are ideal.
You can place message boards for all the members of the family, or perhaps blackboards for delicious kitchen recipes. They can also be for funny messages and even to place the name of our children in their rooms.
It has modern designs and other more classic ones. In the bathroom we can also use the decorative vinyls and give a more sophisticated touch to our new room.
The children's playrooms can be decorated completely with these accessories. It is enough to paint the walls of a light or neutral color and give life and color with the vinyls.
For the most daring and adventurous in the decor , they can also dare to combine strong colors such as fuchsia, orange, or red along with vinyl designs in the same range.
With which of all these designs do they stay ???

Decorative vinyl 01

Decorative vinyl 02

Decorative vinyl 04

Decorative vinyl 05

Decorative vinyl 06

Decorative vinyl 07

Decorative vinyl 08

Decorative vinyl 09

Decorative vinyl 10

Decorative vinyl 11

Decorative vinyl 12

Decorative vinyl 13

Decorative vinyl 15

Decorative vinyl 16

Source: notonthehighstreet

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