Decorative proposals with the BESTÅ modules from IKEA

The products of the Swedish giant cover basic needs easily and directly. Among its catalog, there are usually some examples that end up becoming icons for success and the possibilities that open up creative minds. BESTÅ It is a line of storage modules designed in principle to furnish living rooms but they are so versatile that people have found many more possibilities. In these decorative projects with BESTÅ modules from IKEA we will make a brief review of some decoration solutions made with these furniture.


This asymmetric line of BESTÅ modules in blue is an original proposal for a rustic environment in which they create a daring contrast.


Another idea, more classic and restrained, enhanced with a countertop in natural wood. Both solutions are hanging on the wall allowing free horizontal space and facilitating cleaning tasks.


Here they have been used to create a workspace with a lot of storage.


These four BESTÅ modules stacked in a square is a good idea to complete the storage space in the room.


These modules have been used as a basis to create a completely customized furniture.


How many times do we think about creating a quiet reading corner? Well, look what can be done with the modules BESTÃ?


And this distribution in the style of a kitchen? Your living will have a huge storage capacity thanks to this proposal.


And put to use here we have an idea that allows us to use the entire wall, from floor to ceiling, to create a large storage space.


This simple creation made with three modules allows us to separate environments with ease in a large room.


Combining colors, sizes and shapes is a good solution to decorate any space creatively with these modules.


A large bench with solid wood top to take advantage of the space in any corner. More simple impossible!


Even in the hall we can use the BESTÅ modules to have a piece of furniture where to place everyday objects.


Combining colors allows us to completely integrate the modules in the general environment of the room.


Using doors and modules of different colors allows us to create combinations as beautiful as this one with its turquoise fronts and white modules.


The hallway or the hallway are places where BESTÅ modules can help us in a matter of minutes.


In this living room, a small work area has been obtained by simply adding a pair of natural wood panels to the set.


Also in the bedroom we can take advantage of these versatile and versatile modules. Even creating eye-catching designs like this red cross.


Or simply striking geometrical tracings like this great set of modules.


In the children's room BESTÅ modules allow a large storage space with a minimum volume.


In a loft can also be used to separate environments or even as in this case to create a real partition with door included.


This elegant office decorated in dark shades uses the whiteness of the modules to alleviate a bit the visual impact to part, of course, to gain space for storage.


These BESTÅ modules have been customized with mahogany doors and have been added some 50's style legs to create a fantastic sideboard reproduction of the time.

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