Decorative planters made of recycled material

Among the many proposals that we can find to decorate the house with plants, these mini-planters of the signature Flip & Tumble they stand out for being made one hundred percent in a recycled material , the felt , which is also waterproof.

Flower boxes 1

Due to their small size (they have a diameter of 6.5 centimeters) Useful and easy to place in different places of the house. In addition, being also waterproof we will have the assurance that neither the soil nor any surface is going to get wet or soil stains, that is, they are totally harmless.

Planters 2

They are very creative pots, built in the shape of small pods in three different colors: orange, gray and green . They can serve as exotic pots to be placed on coffee tables or as a decorative complement in terraces, kitchens or bedrooms. Their size and range in various colors make them adaptable to any space.

Flower boxes 3

In orange, fun and dynamic; in green, more sober and elegant; and, finally, in speckled gray they look more modern and stylized. In any of its variants are great to introduce an original, creative decoration and give another air to the house.

Planters 4

In addition, they have a plastic inner lining that holds water , in the gardener style, much more comfortable, in case one day we forget to water.

Planters 5


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