Decorative pethouses

Our pets make life happy with their company, their games and their loyalty. They are one of the family and they deserve all the comforts that we put at their disposal so that they live happily and comfortably in our home, in the same way that we do. So let's think how we could improve their resting places, whether they are booths, baskets or baskets, depending a little on each type of animal, so that they enjoy all the comforts.

Pethouses 1

That's why we bring these endearing ideas designed for your best friends to play and rest in booths made with old furniture that there is always at home, recycling them according to the tastes of our little best friends.

Pethouses 2

Here we see a table to which we have turned and which offers this peculiar bed for our kitten, equipped with a mattress for the pet to rest at ease.

Pethouses 3

This funny idea will delight the pets of the house: with a couple of old suitcases, baseballs as restraints and a couple of conveniently conditioned table legs, our kittens will enjoy a beautiful bunk bed.

Pethouses 4

And even if the pet is small and usually sleeps in our room, this idea can be very useful for those cases in which we like to sleep near our bed:

Pethouses 5


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