Decorative lighting tips

The type of lighting that we choose for each room of our home will directly affect the atmosphere of the same and indirectly influence our mood. Human beings are very sensitive to the types and intensities of light. We will see below some tips that will help us choose the right light for each room.

Decorative lighting tips 1

Before planning the lighting of each room we have to ask ourselves some questions What activities will be developed in that room? What elements or parts of the decoration do we want to highlight? In addition we have to take into account the decorative style that we have chosen to decorate the room. In general, each room should have between three and five points of light to guarantee a minimum of comfort.

Decorative lighting tips 2

It is very important to combine the different types of light in a room:

  • General lighting, is the one that guarantees us that minimum of light to be comfortable in one place, we get it with lamps and soffits.
  • Point or focal lighting, is what we need to perform a task that requires detail, desk lamps, desk and others.
  • Decorative lighting, which we will install to highlight a decorative element.
  • Natural lighting, the one coming from the outside, solar, as well as the one that provides the fire, candles, home.

Decorative lighting tips 3

Geographical orientation is essential for a stay between more or less natural light. The darkest rooms of the house are those that should receive more attention and provide them with enough points of light. A successful combination of types of lighting creates very important decorative effects, if we only have general lighting the decoration loses much of its interest.

Decorative lighting tips 4

The lighting industry has created an endless catalog, the decorative possibilities are endless and the devices themselves have sometimes become true works of design. Large firms of interior design have been dedicated at one time or another of his career to design lamps. A good choice in the acquisition of lamps will transform the appearance of our house radically.

Decorative lighting tips 5

Another point to keep in mind regarding lighting is intensity and height. Being able to adjust the intensity of the light in a room will allow you to transform the room's atmosphere by simply turning a regulator or pressing a button. Likewise, the height at which the points of light are located will create effects of light and shade that will bring depth and interest to the room.


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