Decorative letters for all types of spaces

Decorate the house with giant letters It is one more resource, as they have always been hanging pictures, photographs or drawings. The great variety of sizes and colors that we can find makes this type of decorative accessories very affordable for the home. An excellent proposal to give a renewed air to the house, to animate stays or, simply, to have a less classic and more dynamic decoration.

Decorative letters 1

The interesting thing about this option is that allow us to personalize messages . We can create great collages for the headboard of the bed, for example, with those words or more inspiring phrases. We can put our names and those of our relatives, or initials, and even opt for a 'chaos' of letters of different sizes and colors that embellish and encourage a wall background.

Decorative letters 2

Decorative letters 3

In general, the material of which these letters are made is metal, but we can also find other materials such as yarn, wool, cork, even paper! There are very creative people who build their own letters with colored cards, or they also sew them. The question is to create a unique decoration with a vanguard point and very genuine, for all types of spaces and stylistic trends.

Decorative letters 4

Decorative letters 5

Letters for vintage, industrial, romantic, urban spaces ... Any place in the house can benefit from ideas as practical as these, at a reasonable price, and with very diverse results, but always cheerful.

Decorative letters 6


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