Decorative lamps with recycled bottles

Do you want to know some incredible ideas for Decorate lamps with bottles or make some with them ? Although the idea of ​​using empty wine bottles as a support for household lights is not new, it is always good to know new uses, and also economic, for indoor lighting. Attractive ideas for Recycle and create lamp feet as original as the ones we are going to see.

Lamps with bottles 1

In the image above, mobile pendants made with glass bottles of different colors, previously filled with a small bulb inside. The originality of this proposal makes it adaptable to all types of environments, from the most classic to the most contemporary, and even for non-domestic environments. We can also use bottles to place small torches as in ancient times, with the beauty of glass as the main decorative contribution:

Lamps with bottles 2

These are always interesting options for those looking for simple decorations, very "do it yourself / do it yourself" style. A novel concept of decorating everyday objects that we can all do at home in a short time, with very favorable results.

Lamps with bottles 6

With several liquor bottles, without detaching the label, you can create impressive and suggestive lamps as the following proposals. These light-filled bottles will surprise friends and visitors for their fun, creative and imaginative looks. Urban proposals for people without complexes, looking for new decorative solutions taking advantage of all the charm of recycling.

Lamps with bottles 3

Lamps with bottles 4

Lamps with bottles 5


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