Decorative details in a guest room

This proposal for a guest room is inspired by the winter season and that is something that can be seen in its decoration and in each of the details that have been added to it. Details as exquisite as cushions and cushions inspired by fluffy typical sweaters to combat the cold, as well as the delicate decoration of its walls inspired by snow.

Guest bedroom 1

The room invites to rest and to take shelter under the sheets. Everything is designed to make your stay more comfortable thanks to its many and meticulous details. We start with the choice of colors, a great success when choosing soft shades in white, silver gray and pastel blue.

But there are also metallic details such as this adornment that covers the headboard of the bed in the shape of a 'wingchair'.

Guest bedroom 2

The effect of the walls and ceiling is genuine. Create a magical space in which every small accessory and detail is integrated with delicacy, from a black and white artistic photograph to metallic lamps or ceramic ornaments in white.

Guest bedroom 3

Front view, the bed looks broad and is crowned by two night tables with symmetrical cut, with metallic effect and lamps with silver screen on them. On the quilt highlights a Scottish plaid of Kashmir wool, a detail of the most welcoming.

Guest bedroom 4

From this perspective we can appreciate the great work of painting that has been done on walls, doors and roof. An antique table with a metallic surface acts as a space to place small ornaments and a center of fresh flowers.

Guest bedroom 5

On this piece of furniture, we see small details that detach glamor , delicate and with a very special aesthetic.

Guest bedroom 6

The curtain rod is another detail that is worth seeing:

Guest bedroom 7

Guest bedroom 8

The jersey cushions and plaid shirts are genuine, a really personal touch that offers a casual set.

Guest bedroom 9

Here we see one of the lamps that preside the bedside table in greater detail. The beauty of its metallic surface blends with the colors of the room creating a special effect.

Guest bedroom 10


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