Decorative cork

This natural and light element is used more and more frequently for both decoration and its double function of ornament and insulation.


It is easy to install and maintain as it can be varnished and cleaned with a flannel or suede.
It is advisable, every so often, to clean it with a cloth soaked in warm water with detergent or a few drops of ammonia.
If the cork is unvarnished, it is washed with a preparation based on an infusion of bran (100 grams per liter of water).


If it has been stained with grease, it is removed with turpentine. It is then advisable to apply a layer of linseed oil to protect it better and preserve it from future stains.
If you plan to use cork in bathroom decoration, waterproof it with marine varnish; That will make it more resistant to moisture.


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