Decorative centers with fruits: very natural ideas

At any time of the year, the fruits They are present in our fridge and kitchen. But also they are also in the decoration. For this reason the fruteros are not only the recipients where the different pieces are maturing before they are consumed, but also have a clearly decorative component. When the beauty of the fruit is shown as a daily object, it is time to get more out of it.

Natural table centers1

You can do decorative centers with fruits gathering different pieces and organizing them as if it were a fruit salad. The fruit can be whole, unpeeled, or peeled and ready to be swallowed, as in this basket in which a fresh snack of kiwi, pineapple, strawberries and grapes has been prepared. The fruit takes on the appearance of still life, in the manner of the "still life" paintings that depict daily scenes of life in the kitchen, where fruits and vegetables generally take on a greater role.

Natural table centers2

We can also order the fruit in glass containers by size or color, creating natures of very different character. These will not be eaten in a short space of time, but they will be done with the passing of days. Meanwhile, we can keep them whole and fresh in these vessels.

Natural table centers3

In this glass, apples are ordered by size, from least to greatest. The more mature ones above and the less ones below, to maintain their freshness.

Natural table centers4

The oranges collected in a bowl can be the center of all the looks of this table. We add some flowers to the set to complete. The orange and the apple are fruits that hold more outside at an ambient temperature.

Natural table centers5

Grapefruits and flowers are also a good combination. We cut them into slices and leave them in the open for a few days, because they quickly become dry and lose their smoothness and shine.

Natural table centers6

Again, apples and flowers, a good resource for our centerpieces. Another nice and very natural cocktail is apples and grapes. The warmth of the greens of the skin creates an innate harmony.

Natural table centers7

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