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The Cactus , of the family of cacti, are special plants, not only for their peculiar physical appearance, but for the properties that are usually attributed to them. For example, it is said that cacti are capable of absorbing the radiation emitted by electronic devices, including the computer, so it is not unusual to see in the offices a few distributed in different corners. Also at home they can be an interesting element of decoration, thanks to their own physiognomy, far from the fragile and delicate aspect of other plants and flowers. You will find them in very different sizes: smaller, to order in shelves and decorative centers; If they are larger, place them next to other inside plants ; They will create a good set.

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According to him feng shui If we place cactus inside the home, they should not add odd numbers or be located very close to the entrance doors, since the thorns that cover them represent aggressive energies. If we pay attention to these tips, it is best to have cactus without thorns, or with thorns but leaving them on terraces, balconies and gardens, outdoors. In the same way, if you have children watch that they do not touch the thorns, because they are especially hard and sharp, so you have to try to keep them away from them and not touch them.

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The cactus need a lot of light and heat, but little water, given its tendency to flourish in the desert. The texture of his skin is very thick, and the green of his trunk and arms of a really striking tone.

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The different types of Cactus that exist give a lot of personality to the home. From the smallest, rounded, to the elongated classics, with arms. In addition, most of them bloom: their flowers are bright colors, from mauve, to yellow, red or fuchsia, large and very pretty.

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