Decorative and communicated aquarium

In many homes around the planet, large and small, they have fish as pets. Some bigger fishbowls others smaller ... but this big fish tank will leave them unattended.

Decorative aquarium and communication 1

A decorative aquarium and it is also as if we had many fish together but at the same time communicated.
Your pets can move from one tank to the other through tubes that interconnect them and allow the circulation of water.
Of course, with this aquarium you will need more than a small corner of your house or your flat. With this huge aquarium several square meters are required ... as well as a lot of money to buy it.
This decorative jewel costs around $ 6,500 ... Although it costs to believe it that is its price ... but according to its creator the originality has no price .... Will be???

Decorative aquarium and communication 2


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