Decorative accessories for dark sofas

A dark sofa In a living room or living room it usually becomes a piece full of style. But to avoid being monotonous or the place is off, a very interesting option is to add decorative accessories in ranges of other colors, whether warm or cold. In this way, brush strokes of color are added that visually reduce the opacity of the darker ranges, thus illuminating the room.

Accessories for sofas 1

As we see, accessories such as cushions not only provide comfort to our resting places, but also function as a neutralizer of that opacity of which we spoke. If the sofa is black, a good option is the cushions in cold colors such as blue, the neutrality and luminosity of white or the warmth of red, although we can always add more colors to our liking. The more colorful and combined these ranges of color are, the more light and presence will be added to the final set.

Accessories for sofas 2

Red, white and black are always a good option, very effective, and that gives a splendid result. In addition to the use of cushions, we must pay attention to other elements that are involved in the creation of environments, such as carpets, lamps, frames of pictures and photographs, curtains and flowers, and other ornaments of different materials and textures . All this will serve to flood the room with light, harmony and style, relying on decorative elements that often play a fundamental role, therefore they must be taken into account.

Accessories for sofas 3

A dark gray sofa will be "neutralized" thanks to the warmth and harmony of violet and pink tones. Style and beauty to eclipse the possible coldness of a range, gray, which works very well in decoration when combined with certain seemingly opposite colors.

Accessories for sofas 4

Accessories for sofas 5


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