Decoration with wallpaper: a "must" of the current deco

After long decades of exile the wallpaper has once again adorned the walls of homes and not in any way but as a "must" that no one can avoid, unless you are out of fashion. You have to forget about those old wallpaper that we saw in the grandmother's house or the aunts. The current wallpapers have nothing to do, they are cheerful, vital and full of strength.

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The wallpapers that we can find right now in the market are, in most cases, of very good quality. Durable, washable and very resistant and they offer us such a palette of colors and patterns that of course it will be very difficult not to find the one that satisfies us.

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Traditionally the wallpaper used to be reserved for some pieces of the house, the so-called noble pieces, living rooms, dining rooms and rooms. Today thanks to the technological advances made in the sector we can find wallpapers suitable for any type of stay.

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Special wallpapers for bathrooms and kitchens that perfectly support humidity, steam and high temperatures. They are really prodigious papers if you remember the old wallpapers of a few, too many, decades ago.

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Transforming a room in a Chinese screen, in a psychoanalyst card or in a geometric labyrinth, everything is possible with the new wallpapers.

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There are designs for all tastes, classic, daring, transgressive and excessive. Wallpapers to cover the walls of a piece of the house and wallpapers to decorate a single wall or even a stretch exclusively.

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I think I'm a bit of a gagá but I prefer the use of wallpaper to cover a wall only, it's a very simple way to get a strong contrast in any room.

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Although I recognize that some designs can be spectacular covering an entire stay. This one with wooden frieze effect and white rhombuses will be fantastic in a Nordic, minimalist or industrial environment.

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Ideas papered 16

On the other hand, these beautiful papers with skulls in the Mexican style and the one with tropical flowers I understand them more to create a nice contrast decorating with them one of the walls of the room.

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Ideas papered 18

Ideas papered 19

Bedroom, bathroom, living, any place can earn a lot and in a very short time just by looking at a good catalog of wallpapers. Its installation, you do it or you entrust it to a professional, it is not excessively burdensome and you will give a turn to your decoration.

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