Decoration with vintage objects (II): rudders and wheels

There are objects that, due to their characteristics, are framed within the vintage-rustic decorative items . Sometimes they are relics that have been preserved for decades and end up passed down from generation to generation. They are objects, almost always made of wood, with a unique sentimental value.

Vintage style with rudders and wheels 1

And, in addition, they are the kind of accessories that create a special magic within the environments in which they are used. In the case of boat rudders and the wheels of antique vehicles, its decorative value is so authentic that do not doubt everything that can contribute to your home.

Vintage style with rudders and wheels 2

A rudder exposed on the wall of a living room, a hall or even a kitchen, conveys great care for detail, in this case for the details of nautical style. We can incorporate it calmly into any decorative style, adding a very eclectic touch to the whole set.

Vintage style with rudders and wheels 3

In the case of wheels, they are more typical of exteriors, since they are usually related to rustic decorations in gardens, terraces and patios, and even in urban gardens.

Vintage style with rudders and wheels 4

The wheels give that bucolic and country touch to any space in which they are located. They are very artisan objects, that relate us to past times and invite us to admire all their charm.

Vintage style with rudders and wheels 5

For more sample of what we say, we leave you with this wooden wheel turned into an organizer of wine bottles: rustic charm and vintage beauty, all in one, in an object as practical as decorative.

Vintage style with rudders and wheels 6

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