Decoration with vintage objects (I): mannequins

We are more than accustomed to seeing mannequins in each window, but perhaps not so much (to say nothing) inside a house. However, far from looking like an eccentricity, these objects can give a very attractive style to the spaces of our home. Adapted to each environment, these mannequins will allow us to decorate any room with style.

Vintage style with mannequins 1

A very original idea with which we will create a romantic atmosphere , with a vintage point and even bohemian. The majority of these mannequins, as we are going to see, far from being dolls, are busts incorporated on hangers. These were objects widely used in dressmaking workshops.

Vintage style with mannequins 2

Their presence in a bedroom, in a living room or in a hallway help to create a very particular decorative style, with an idea of ​​romanticism taken to its extreme, considering that we usually associate dummies of this type with past times.

Vintage style with mannequins 3

In addition to decorative, they can become very practical objects. They can serve as an excellent organizer of jewelry (for example, to hang long necklaces) or accessories such as belts, ties, handkerchiefs, handbags ...

Vintage style with mannequins 4

There is still more, since we can also decorate them with other objects and garments, or leave the nude to fill a certain space, with their single presence we will be reinforcing each corner without needing to give another utility. And, why not, we can characterize them with inspirational phrases, drawings, designs made with crafts ... contributions that help to give a unique style.

Vintage style with mannequins 5

Whatever the use we give them, these objects with a retro and vintage point will suppose a break with all known decoration, adding surprising ideas that end up captivating the most skeptical.

Vintage style with mannequins 6

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