Decoration with pineapples on the Christmas table

The pineapples of the trees are essential elements throughout Christmas decoration that prides itself They are associated with this holiday season and in general the winter season. The presence of pineapples in the Christmas table along with other elements and symbols such as candles and centerpieces with flowers or vegetation help create these magical atmospheres, giving at the same time a touch of the most homelike. Your guests will be more than happy with a decoration so homemade, simple and endearing.

Decorate with pinecones for Christmas 1

You can paint them with spray of some color, with glitter or leave the natural. In both cases, it does not hurt to cover them with a layer of varnish, to give them a luster and polish. You can also arrange them alone along the length and width of the table, on the trays and napkins, and combine them with the cutlery, forming original prints like those seen in the photos.

Decorate with pinecones for Christmas 2

Decorate with pinecones for Christmas 3

Everything is very easy to do, as you see, and it also will not take you long. If there are children in the house, they will be happy to lend a hand and help you with the paint or the glitter and with the rest of the decor . Select pineapples of different shapes and sizes, some open and some closed, and combine them so that your small decorative centers are full of life.

Decorate with pinecones for Christmas 4

Decorate with pinecones for Christmas 5

Decorate with pineapples for Christmas 6

Painting them in white you will get fun mini-trees snowy, which you can place on different candle holders or special bowls to decorate. And if you decide for a silver tone, you will get beautiful centers with a brushstroke of the most distinguished.

Decorate with pinecones for Christmas 7


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