Decoration with glass

The crystal It is a material of great beauty and elegance very used as a decorative element. Despite its apparent fragility, the crystal it is present in our daily life, in different places of our house: in the furniture, in the decoration of the dining table, in the shelves, in the bathroom ... Its presence embellishes, illuminates the home and gives it freshness and detail We present different solutions for decorate with crystal , from decorative centers for the table as small ornaments for special corners.

Decorate with crystal 1

Crystal with flowers and plants: If you have bottles and glass jars, you can reuse them and give them a new life as vases for plants and flowers. Combining different colors and sizes, you will get beautiful sets like these. With roses, for example, there is a perfect combination.

Decorate with crystal 2

Decorate with crystal 3

Decorate with crystal 4

Decorate with crystal 5

With jars and pieces of glass: With small pieces of glass of different colors we can create incredible fresh and innovative ornaments. The different colors of the fragments and the delicacy of the crystal itself merge into a finish of great beauty. And all this, in addition, very easy to do.

Decorate with crystal 6

Decorate with crystal 7

Decorate with glass 8

On the other hand, with the simplicity of the bottles themselves, without any adornment, we can obtain an exquisite decoration and at the same time full of subtlety, like this bookcase full of glasses, glasses, containers and bottles. As we see, all the charm lies in the nakedness of the sample.

Decorate with glass 9

Crystal with candles and / or small stones: Another great idea is this combination of glass cups, candles and small stones, whether pebbles, rocks or colored pebbles. The composition of these simple pieces will give a different lighting to those special corners of the room.

Decorate with glass 10

Decorate with glass 11

Decorate with glass 12

We can also use only glass and stones, devising compositions as original as this lamp-vase.

Decorate with glass 13


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