Decoration styles: Oriental and Zen

From this post, we will begin to address the different styles of decoration that there is. From the classics to the most modern, for each of you find that style with which you feel more comfortable and even encourage you to create your own style product of the combination of basic ideas of various existing styles. It's all a matter of cheering up ...

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Today we will start with two styles that are as particular as they are attractive, the Oriental style and Zen .
For years the oriental style and the zen are fashionable, they have gained their own space, and they are used in all the corners of the world.

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The Zen style
The Zen style finds its mythical and philosophical roots in the life and teachings of the Buddha. He made his breaking point and achieved stardom in Japan in the mid-thirteenth century, influencing uniquely in the mentality and customs of the traditional culture of that country.
Its fundamental basis is the illumination and search of harmony and inner peace through simple and daily actions, this was the legacy of the Buddha. It is a style that essentially seeks simplicity, harmony and the necessary tranquility that is required in times of modernity. One way to find that peace is by adapting philosophy to the design of interiors and gardens, so important for Western culture, with a series of minimal resources, ordered spaces, simple lines and light colors that illuminate.
Discard the decoration or excessive ornamentation and find its point of balance with little accessories, and based on natural materials and aromas.
The base colors are white and the whole range of neutral colors such as ocher, gray, lilac, light pink, beige; but what will give the personality to the decoration and will have more striking colors such as green, red, brown are the decorative objects.
As we said before, it also takes as a base the use of natural materials and aromas. Materials that have little or no industrialization such as natural wood, stone, etc.
The furniture that we will use to decorate with Zen style must have simple lines, be low, straight lines, and mostly in natural color woods. It is necessary to avoid furniture with curves. Also, it is important that they are low and that they help order. Another feature, no less important, is to use the light subtly and indirectly on hidden furniture or accessories. In this way you can create a sensual, soft environment that invites, to rest, relaxation, meditation.

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The oriental style
The oriental style has a key that defines it and is the lighting of the spaces. Both the lights and the lamps are the ones that symbolize the light and life that the sun brings. That is why these are considered a positive element, yang, whose incorporation into the home allows us to create healthy and aesthetically attractive environments, which call us to be in them.
Therefore, light becomes the main design tool. Its location and orientation will allow us to give relevance to certain corners and / or objects of our home. It is the light that we must adapt the needs of the home, spaces and colors, always keeping in mind that it is necessary to carefully combine the artificial light with the natural light that enters the home.

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