Decoration: original Christmas trees

A current imperative in terms of decor is to be visionary and anticipate the new tendencies that appear in the interior design market. Given the avalanche of information on retrospective, vintage and classic fashions, many creatives have gone to work to join forces and achieve, within the retro approach of current fashion, a touch of originality in the coming parties mediantes original Christmas tree proposals , economic and ecological as they rule the demands of today's society.

Decoration: original Christmas trees

Recycled and original Christmas trees
For the unconditional followers of the trends more ecological and avant-garde, nothing better than taking part in the creation of most original Christmas trees . The allies for this will be the unused remnants that await in some forgotten box, materials such as cardboard or wood and decorative objects, frames and photos that have been relegated to the oblivion of the attic.

Very original Christmas tree

The decor it is, above all, creativity. These two examples illustrate such a thing perfectly. On the one hand, we find ourselves chaotic tree whose base has placed Christmas lights as well as different decorative balls that will be perfect in the event that the remains of an artificial Christmas tree are available. This will be great placed near a window in some corner of the address provided it is not the main tree for which the room is reserved. Likewise, the model in wood attached to the wall and filled with various objects can be optimized by replacing wood with mirrors of different sizes that are arranged so that these original Christmas trees become a set of aesthetic reflexes. The genuineness pin can be given Include family photos
Very familiar Christmas tree
In the world of decor There is a very special link with crafts. From them you can obtain essential details for a house to become the ideal home. In this case, the proposal is that of make family Christmas trees in cardboard . This is possible if two identical cartons are used and they are also cut in the shape of a pine to give them a three-dimensional shape.
The variety Christmas trees from scraps , very tied the crafts, is simple since it consists solely in finding the suitable size - the ideal thing is to create several small Christmas trees -, scraps of original colors and alternate some fabrics with others in ruffles.
Decoration and trends for Christmas trees
Much to the taste of certain fashion designers such as Valentino or Diesel Christmas in 2011 is shaping up as the lighting will be an important point of support in these upcoming parties. In fact, there are designs based exclusively on neon lights that wrap a linear structure configuring an unprecedented Christmas tree.

Original Christmas tree

With regard to ecological Christmas trees, the original Christmas trees and, especially, innovative ones are imposed as a new decoration trend. This is the case of Christmas trees created by designers who support the sustainability of the planet and whose proposals are pines composed of beer bottles, used newspapers or books stacked in the form of a pyramid. However, the most classic ones are in luck since the past is a trend and one returns to the exuberant Christmas trees.
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