Decoration of small environments

The decoration of small environments It can be complicated, since it can happen that your measurements are not large enough to install a bedroom or a work zone at home. However, here I share with you some tips and simple and practical ideas so that you take advantage of small environments and may seem larger because, they have nothing to envy to spacious houses!

small environments

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Combine spaces

Decoration of small environments

First of all you must have defined what function you will give to that space. In case you decide to have a guest house and actually need a work area - which is much more necessary - you can adapt a room for both purposes. Advice: install a folding wall table that takes up less space . On the other hand, instead of buying a bed of ample dimensions, go for a sofa bed and complement it with several cushions to make it look more casual.


Decoration of small environments 1

A well-lit site will always look wider , therefore, let sunlight enter through the windows and use various points of artificial lighting. Locate a warm light on the ceiling and if you have a hanging lamp, make it not too low.

Light tones

Decoration of small rooms 2

It is true that so that small environments look bigger, you have to paint them white, but you can also use other colors that are clear. The same goes for the accessories, try to use small pieces and as for the upholstery of the sofa, choose plain colors.

Transparent materials and mirrors

Decoration of small rooms 3

Glass and acrylic, among other transparent materials, cause light to filter and get illuminate the whole environment . On the other hand, if you place mirrors strategically, you can create an optical effect and make them look bigger. Add them to the closet doors and place a maxi mirror from floor to ceiling.

Round table

Decoration of small rooms 4

The round tables are perfect for small environments because they occupy less space and more people can sit.

Divide environments

Decoration of small rooms 5

If you have a studio and you want each space to be well defined, use dividers such as screens or partitions and even low furniture like the one in the image that divides the living room from the bedroom.

Less is more

Decoration of small rooms 6

Avoid recharging rooms with decorative objects and buying excessively large furniture.

Functional furniture

Decoration of small rooms 7

Are the allies of small environments , because they will help you save space.

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