Decoration of rooms with indoor plants

The plants They are an unbeatable complement to our interior decoration. They give life to the rooms and delight with their presence those special corners.
On this occasion, we will see how to give life to our living rooms and living rooms with the unique presence of these plants.

Decorate the living with plants 1

In centerpieces, on vases and on side tables are some of the most appropriate supports to locate our indoor plants. Others prefer placing pots in some angle next to the window, taking advantage of a natural light bulb.

There are also those who bet on large pots and indoor trees, like this example in which palm trees make their way through the decoration of this colonial house. Let's look at how these plants are that give light and color to the interior.

Decorate the living with plants 2

For simpler tastes, we can use just a couple of vegetable decorative touches. The simplicity, the intense green of the leaves and the color of the flowers are like the icing on the cake in this sober decoration in neutral colors.

Decorate the living room with plants 3

What would be of the office without a plant that animated the interior? Next to the column, it stylizes the interior and supposes a point of rupture in front of the seriousness and contention of style.

Decorate the living room with plants 4

Finally, a scenario with ethnic counterpoint favors the presence of vegetation and shrubs. The delicacy of the plants adapts like a glove to all kinds of scenarios, becoming a balm for the eyes.

Decorate the living room with plants 5

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