Decoration of porches

The porches they allow an extra space to hold events with guests and to organize a rest and leisure area. Whether they are open or closed, having a porch in the house is a privilege that you have to make the most of with a decoration appropriate to the type of space you want to create.

Ideas for the porch 1

The most common is to establish an area oriented to leisure and relaxation, with loungers, armchairs and sofas spacious and comfortable, made of flexible materials such as wicker. The classic aluminum and metal tables, which are more resistant, can come in handy as auxiliary complements, although they will have to be protected from possible rains to prevent rusting. The low tables of bamboo or wicker are other essential accessories for these spaces of rest, that can be complemented with stools or chairs around to sit down to take a snack.

Ideas for the porch 4

If you want to create a more modern space, it is appropriate to use wooden furniture painted in white tones or place a sofa with several seats with a contemporary finish. In this sense, the modern aspect can be highlighted with a minimalist and functional decoration.

Ideas for the porch 2

The idea of ​​lighting is another aspect that must be taken into account. Wooden or aluminum lanterns hanging in different points of the porch will give a favorable lighting at nightfall and will get a more intimate and calm atmosphere.

We will decorate the decoration with plants and pots, vines and potos. The exuberance of nature on a porch is the perfect complement to highlight these very personal and dynamic spaces.

Ideas for the porch 3


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