Decoration of pergolas and gazebos outside

At the time of decorate the outdoor spaces , there are many elements that come into play. One of them is the available space, the other the architectural elements that come into play. Some of these elements may be the pergolas , a kind of spaced roof composed of longitudinal beams and supported by columns.

Pergolas and arbors 1

These pergolas can be made of very different materials, such as stone, wood or plastic, among others. They can be part of the original structure of the house or have been placed as an addition.

Pergolas and arbors 2

In any case, they are an architectural and decorative marvel that can be very much exploited. These images can give us some practical ideas to decorate outdoor gazebos, creating spaces where comfort, usability and the use of natural light are the ultimate goal.

Pergolas and arbors 3

One of the most accomplished decorative details is to make climbing plants, small trees or vines hang and climb the structure of the pergola. This will add a beautiful decorative plus and will make these spaces excellent places to fully enjoy leisure and relaxation, creating shaded, much fresher spaces.

Pergolas and gazebos 4

We can also put awnings and canvases, in case the sun gives too strong on that place in the garden, or place some umbrellas under this roof. For the night, a good option is to hang lanterns that illuminate the gazebo with elegance and project a more intimate light. These small details will help us to create a very favorable atmosphere according to what occasions. And under these pergolas, you can furnish and decorate to the taste of each, prioritizing the comfort and the use of space with very different styles.

Pergolas and arbors 5


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