Decoration of gardens and terraces with white stones

There are multiple decorative options for the floor of gardens y terraces , whether land composed of gravel or grass. One of the most attractive and easy to install option is to decorate gardens with small White stones .

Decorate exteriors with white stones 1

These small stones, as if they were a mantle, will allow us to create paths, differentiate zones and hide the irregularities of the terrain. In the market we can find different types of stones, from the typical common gravel to round and more glossy stones, all of them natural stones of very habitual use to favor gardens, in particular of the type of Zen or Asian gardens, so in vogue lately.

Decorate exteriors with white stones 2

Decorate exteriors with white stones 3

While in summer these stones absorb a lot of heat and high temperatures, the truth is that they produce a spectacular result, especially if we create compositions that alternate stones of other shades. Beige, cream and even gray or pink stones will mold perfectly with these little white protagonists.

Decorate exteriors with white stones 4

As we see in these images, a decoration with white stones is ideal for gardens that need little water, where the traditional grass is replaced by this type of decorative grit, able to create a very consistent soil under our feet, giving it to dinners and outdoor evenings a different air.

Decorate exteriors with white stones 5


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