Decoration in pure white

This house that we will see next gives off a special charm. Decorated almost one hundred percent white, it is an impressive proposal away from the established canons, without a hint of color. A world of soft lines that fade to the limit. The blinding white of this housing proposal breaks with the known.

A house to pure white 1

If you're looking for a cheerful interior, it's clear that this trend will not be right for you. However, something has this decoration that ends up catching and captivating you. Perhaps because it invites us to plunge into a hyperdelicate universe, in which the albino white absorbs all traces of light and creates almost phantasmagorical contours, as if we were in an unreal, idealized scenario.

A house to pure white 2

A house to pure white 3

But not only do we have to look at the use of white as an omnipresent color, or in the absence of a rest of chromaticism, but in the balance of our own interior compositions. We are in a very basic house, with a very particular use of decoration, but in which incredibly beautiful and comfortable rooms have been built.

A house to pure white 5

A house to pure white 6

The delicate looks in each room. Straight painted wooden furniture, very basic; bare surfaces and matching ornaments, with a constant of little houses, tea cups and chairs. But, in addition, the alleged coldness that could be attributed to the insistent presence of the white color is neutralized thanks to a very special concept of space, which plays with the elements that make up the stay in a very innocent way, almost as if it were a real-scale dollhouse. Everything gives off purity and simplicity, balance and harmony.

A house with pure white 7

A house with pure white 8

A house with pure white 9


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