Decoration in pink: a romantic option for home

We want or not that traditional distribution of colors that is usually done in childhood marks us for life. The children in blue and the girls in pink, how much harm this innocent color distribution has done according to the sexes! Even among female members an exaggerated use of pink has caused many of them to end up denying him for the rest of their lives.

Deco in pink 1

But the pink is not only the color of the little princesses, it is a color more than with a correct treatment can help us to create elegant, sophisticated decorations and above all loaded with an adorable romanticism. Because we are fair, one thing does not take away from the other, the rose, whether we want it or not, it will always be the color of romantic love, just as red is the color of passionate love. And everyone who places the limits between each type of love ...

Deco in pink 2

The pink allows us to decorate, as we see, in very different styles. From a free interpretation of English cottage style as in this image.

Deco in pink 3

A Mediterranean style, quiet, pleasant and very relaxing that reminds us of those afternoon siesta summer.

Deco in pink 4

In a Nordic style you can also add touches of pale pink that will help create a more personalized environment.

Deco in pink 5

Fuchsia is a tone that in addition to the sweetness and romanticism of the main color, pink, has the ability to create a strong visual impact, a revulsive that can animate any environment.

Deco in pink 6

This color should not only be confined in the privacy of the bedroom or in a room for private use. There are areas of common use that can also benefit from this romantic color. The kitchen as you can see in the picture above can also be charmingly romantic with this color that we see combines very well with stainless steel appliances, so virile them.

Deco in pink 7

Deco in pink 8

Deco in pink 9

There are many ways in which we can use the color pink in the decoration of any room in the house. As a neutral background in softer tones or as a contrast when we use it in intense tones.

Deco in pink 10

Deco in pink 11

Deco in pink 12

As a dominant color or detail will bring a touch not only romantic but of course very personal. And to personalize the decoration must always be our purpose.

Deco in pink 13

Deco in pink 14

In any environment as you will have seen along the images shown above you can enter the color pink. As long as you want and the way you like it, subtle or daring, extensive or to create contrasts, the color pink can be a good ally in your decoration.

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