Decoration in pastel colors

Retro inspiration is fashionable, vintage is fashionable, and vintage decor with nostalgia for Nordic style is fashionable. This explosive mix of trends make the main colors we see in all the windows, even in clothes.

Decoration on cake 1

These colors are the colors and pastel shades. Decorating a house with pieces that inspire vintage, in pastel colors is a sure hit. Not only is it an exciting mixture with certain success, but it also gives you a feeling of warmth and "being at home" that are not achieved by all styles.

Decoration on cake 2

Decoration on cake 3

Decoration on cake 4

The mixture of these colors, so warm and sober at the same time, is seen more and more in the designers of furniture and decoration accessories, and of course, they do not go unnoticed.

Cake decoration 5

Whether you decorate a children's room, your own room, your living room, hall, bathroom or the whole house, with these tones in walls and accessories, you will give a unique air to your home.

Decoration on cake 6

And although to taste the colors, I like to give these tones, especially in walls and decorative accessories, such as textiles or chairs.

Decoration on cake 7

However, if you opt for a more modern style, but would like to give a touch of this style to your home, put some piece in pastel colors on an anthracite gray wall or with some complement in this tone, for example.

You will get a neutral and modern effect, but warm at the same time.

Decoration on cake 8

A secret: Use pastel pieces that have touches of wood in their natural color. The result is wonderful.

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