Decoration ideas for the Christmas tree

In just a few days, the Christmas and holiday season will arrive. All family members meet periodically in our living room accompanied with all the gifts of Christmas y decor in every corner of the house. There are a lot of things to do in the decor : light and Christmas decorations , the decoration of doors and windows with flowers ... and of course, the trees. Here we will try to inspire you with some interesting and creative ideas, gathering the best photos. Let's take a look…

Decoration ideas for the Christmas tree

Idea # 1: What to say about this beautiful design ... the violet and violet blue balls, with bright snowflakes around. The candles in the same violet tone will make a beautiful structure.

Decoration ideas for the Christmas tree 1

Idea nº 2: This idea is more classic, combining the colors par excellence of the Christmas : Red and green. On this occasion we want to highlight the mistletoe on the wall, and the white balls, which will remember the snow.

Decoration ideas for the Christmas tree 2

Idea nº 3: The sweetest idea that will undoubtedly delight the little ones. Combine all the possible colors, in a tree loaded with Christmas candy canes, multicolored lollipops, sweets ... all the magic available in the tree.

Decoration ideas for the Christmas tree 3

Idea # 4: And ... why not? Make a tree with only beer bottles. After all, the glass is beautiful and reflects all the Christmas lights we can have at home.

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