Decoration at the foot of the bed

We have talked a lot about how to decorate headboards, but today we bring a series of proposals for the opposite corner: bed feet . And this area of ​​the bedroom can also have its own style, of course! It also lends itself to this, and the final result of the room can be another.

Decorate the footboard 1

Normally we have some space at the foot of the bed, although many times we have the closet in front. But no matter how small this space is, it is enough to place an incredible object that makes a difference. That touch of elegance and detail that distinguishes a space taken care of to the maximum of another more or less improvised.

Decorating the footboard 2

And what kind of objects can we place at the foot of the bed? A rustic bench , a old trunk , a Wicker basket , a small sofa , a armchair or table , or any decorative object to which we have a special affection, because there, at the foot of the bed, will watch over our dreams.

Decorating the footboard 3

Magnificent proposal the following, with a small area lounge in the own bed: comfort full of cushions for the day. When we go to sleep, we can pick it up and we'll have more space to sleep on our legs.

Decorating the footboard 4

A special corner next to the bed formed by sofas and study table: rest multiplied by two.

Decorating the footboard 5

That rustic object of which we spoke earlier may be this old stool, whose presence will not clash in the room. Notice how it embellishes the country aspect of the bedroom. And you ... what object would you put?

Decorating the footboard 6

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