Decorating with small details makes the difference

Decorating is not only preparing large projects and budgets according to the magnitude of the work. Decorating is giving a personal touch to a lived environment and we can achieve that simply with some objects of our liking. There are decorative objects that follow us throughout our lives, they are very personal memories that never separate from us.

Details in decoration 1

But then there are many objects that we acquire conditioned by the fashion of each moment, our mood and that allow us to vary and make the decoration of our home is something changing, alive, like ourselves.

Details in decoration 2

Decoration details 3

Details in decoration 4

Details in decoration 5

These small details, although transient and light, are also part of our personal growth and are essential for us to feel comfortable with our home and with ourselves.

Details in decoration 6

Details in decoration 7

Details on decoration 8

The work area is one of those places where we like to have our lucky charms nearby, those timeless objects that end up being part of ourselves.

Decoration details 9

Decoration details 10

Details in decoration 11

Details in decoration 12

Then there are small details that by their great beauty and impact can easily transform a decoration changing the sense and the point of view.

Details in decoration 13

Details in decoration 14

Decoration details 15

Decoration details 16

Details in decoration 17

The decoration of a lived house is always changing because human beings are like that, what today seems to us the most in a while will be something old fashioned, the times that we live accelerated and changing are those that drag us to that need for innovation constant. There is nothing wrong with that, if we change our appearance, our style, our wardrobe, the house must also feel those changes that we constantly experience.


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