Decorating with natural materials (I): Wood logs

The use of natural materials to create decorative accessories and accessories is an increasingly growing trend. Let's see how tree trunks can be used as decorative elements. It is a good resource if we want to accentuate the warm environments or the rooms of rustic style .

Decorate with trunks 1

We reuse these materials from very simple ideas. The wood helps us to create a very homelike atmosphere, giving warmth to the environment. It is an ecological element that allows us to be sustainable and at the same time give the decor that personal touch that every environment needs. We can use tree trunks of different texture, color and size as bases for glass tables or directly place them as auxiliary tables for the living room or bedroom. The robustness of the wood transforms the space and creates a very welcoming environment for the whole family.

Decorating with trunks 2

Decorating with trunks 3

Decorating with trunks 4

In other places of the house like the bathroom we can take advantage of the wood to have very useful small accessories: as a support for the soap; to put the jars of gel, cosmetics, toothpaste ... The economic style is enhanced by the presence of wood and the environment becomes luminous and full of simplicity. It can also serve to reinforce other decorative details both inside the house and outside.

Decorating with trunks 5

Decorating with trunks 6

Decorating with trunks 7

Decorating with trunks 8


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