Decorating with color blocks is fashionable

The trend based on decorate using blocks of color invites to create a very funny style in the different settings of the house. It is a new trend that seeks a very special symmetry, in addition to taking advantage of all the light and energy of the colors.

Decoration with colors 1

It is a very easy trend to create, as we say based on alternating different blocks of color through accessories, accessories or prints, but especially with paint on the walls. It is as we are going to see in these images.

Decoration with colors 2

It is a very expressive tendency with which we will build color themes by means of blocks. They can be squares, rectangles or linear figures. It will allow us to build much more nuanced environments.

For youth environments, it is a good idea to use basic color ranges: red, blue, yellow, green and pink are usually the most common for this purpose. But we can also create other environments with more determined colors, depending on the personal style we want to give to the home.

Decoration with colors 3

The wall is usually another space to experiment with this trend, combining colors as blocks. We can also create it with accessories on the wall, by way of artistic paintings, or using the designs or mosaics of a carpet.

Decoration with colors 4

For the children's room, using small colored mosaics is a great idea that ensures decorative fun and puts a point of color within the environment.

Decoration with colors 5

Other places where we can introduce this trend can be the floor of the house itself, from the siding, or even decorating a staircase gradually, to give a little pop touch.

Decoration with colors 6

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