Decorating the doors with style

Have you ever thought about decorating the doors of your house with bold and colorful designs? Did you know that by customizing a door of a certain room you will give the site a look completely different? Now you can do it in a simple and economical way thanks to a series of small tricks with which you will get incredible results. You will make your home a special and different place.

Decoration of doors 1

The world of interior design has taken good note of these latest trends, so you will not find it difficult to find stores and places specialized in vinyls with drawings for doors. These are very resistant and easy to apply adhesives, as they come with a toolkit to make your task easier. They are also very quick to put. In a few seconds you will have achieved the desired effect.

Decoration of doors 2

Decoration of doors 3

Decoration of doors 4

You can find them for different prices and with numerous designs, such as Sensunels , a collection created by Karim Rashid for the signature DI.BI. that we propose as an example. It is only a matter of digging a bit until you find the most suitable model for your home.

Decoration of doors 5

Decoration of doors 6

There is a whole universe of styles waiting for you: funky, retro, geometric, pop-art, futuristic, with text or floral motifs, or special for children ... Do you already know which one you like the most?

Decoration of doors 7

Door decoration 8

Another possibility also very economical to decorate your doors is to put sheets of printed paper. Like vinyl, they adhere to the surface of the door and can be assembled and disassembled as often as desired. As you can see, these are very simple tricks to perform, so that this season you are the last in interior decoration at a really affordable price.

Decoration of doors 9


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