Decorating the Christmas tree

The decor The Christmas tree has no mystery, you can use your imagination to decorate it as you like and give it the special touch you want. For those who seek some ideas or tips , we will talk about the most important details: Lights , garlands y ornaments .

Christmas tree

Lights : The lights will be responsible for making your shine tree and stands out in the room, so it is important a good arrangement of lights that is accompanied with ornaments that refract light.

To place the lights you must start from the inside out, starting at the base of the trunk until the branches in a circular way until you reach the point. It is important not to skimp on lights, for every 30 cm. verticals of the tree approximately 100 strips of lights should be used.

A background of light or white lights can be highlighted with colored lights that surround the outside of the tree.

Christmas tree 3

Garlands : There are different types of garlands, paper, aluminum, etc. It is good to use different types to decorate the tree. You must start from the point tensing to use less and as we go down we will increase the amount.

Christmas tree-2

Ornaments : To present the ornaments it is advisable to start with the most important ones by placing them in evenly spaced spaces. Then fill them around with medium and small size ornaments balancing the overall appearance. To create depth place some ornaments near the trunk.

Can you think of more advice?

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