Decorating in the shabby chic style

If you like antique furniture, accessories of years ... is shabby chic style is the right one to use in the decor of your home.

Decorating shabby chic-03 style

Old things, the worn style , things with rusty details are the allies to achieve this style.
This apartment in Helsingborg, Sweden, has been decorated by its owner under this style. The details in the kitchen, the living room and the room transform it completely. And being a construction several years ago, an incredible result is achieved.
The kitchen full of details of the fifties, the headboard of the bed devised with old doors. The accessories of the old and rusty desks, the lamps, the chairs, and the rest of the furniture of yesteryear are beautiful.
You encourage yourself to shabby chic style ?

Decorating the shabby chic-02 style

Decorating in the shabby chic-04 style

Decorating shabby chic-05 style

Decorating the shabby chic-06 style

Decorating shabby chic-07 style

Decorating shabby chic-08 style

Decorating in the shabby chic-09 style

Decorating shabby chic style-10

Decorating in the shabby chic-01 style

Photos: husohem

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