Decorated rooms for summer

Let's prepare our rooms for the summer. We can create bright rooms with a sense of freshness just change the colors we have in it.

Rooms decorated for summer1

To give a touch of freshness you can invest some money in the linens , the curtains and if you can the paint your walls . Only this kind of thing. You do not need to change furniture or something else. With the colors, the bedding and if you can change the painting you will achieve this effect.
The color blue, the green, the cakes, together with the yellows, the oranges and the white guarantee you a pleasant environment and with a feeling of freshness to spend the nights and the hot summer evenings.
These rooms are the perfect example. Do you cheer up?

Decorated rooms for summer2l

Rooms decorated for summer3

Rooms decorated for summer4

Source: housebeautiful

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