Decorate Zen style

The Zen style It is part of oriental millennial knowledge that, for nothing, can be summarized in a single article. Therefore, what is mainly intended is to give clues about the wrong placement of certain elements and how to place the furniture, what colors to use to paint the walls and what decorative elements are optimal for positive energy to flow. In addition, there is room for skeptics as well. decorate Zen style it is a practice that results in attractive and symmetrical spaces.

Decorate Zen style

Colors in balance with Zen style :

Regarding colors, it is recommended to use light tones like white or beige for walls. In the case that more vivid colors such as garnet, brown or blue are desired, they should be limited to vigil areas such as saló. In the office light wood tones will be very welcoming. However, if you want to paint a room, office or dining room in intense colors, it is advisable to resort to the trend, currently, on the rise of painting a single wall of the living color that corresponds to the head of the bed, the wall in which the sofa or behind the desk is supported. In this way, you will enjoy an aesthetic contrast of colors and will not alter the flow of energy since what will be observed at the time of rest will be the light color of the rest of the walls.

Decorate Zen style 1

Zen style cream walls

Zen style and elements to decorate :

You can not understand how to decorate the Zen style if it is not about understanding the framework, principles and ideas of this increasingly westernized stream. Among the recommended readings are those that Allan Watts performs around the subject. In his book of the I Ching or book of mutations he explains more widely that they are the notions of ying-yang. For our decorating followers clarify that to decorate the Zen style in terms of accessories should be based on two characteristics; simplicity and balance . For example, you can resort to the symmetrical placement of tables, tables and other accessories in pairs.

Decorate Zen style

Also, decorate the Zen style It can also be equipped with various accessories such as paper lamps with angular shapes, shelves and other furniture of noble woods and, as can be seen in the following image, false wooden walls that complement the white tone giving warmth to the room. Similarly, porcelain vases with green leaf flowers or other accessories such as bowls will be welcome within this type of decor .

Accessories to decorate Zen style

Zen-style gardens: decorate in balance :

Who has not heard about these things at this point? gardens dry that stylize the exterior of the house? These spaces are finite, that is, they should not have an excessive amplitude. However, if you design a small garden within the exterior of the home and are conditioned to create this special atmosphere, bear in mind that the result will be very interesting.

Zen Garden

Garden and fountain in miniature :

For all those who can not afford a Zen garden or that, simply, they do not want to have an enormous place of gravel and rocks, the idea of ​​a Zen garden in miniature is very attractive that can be placed in the night table, in one of the tables of the living room or where it is desired. For those who wish to feel close to the aquatic environment are the Zen sources, which can be purchased at any store specializing in natural and esoteric material.

Mini Zen Garden

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