Decorate your walls with patchwork

We all know the technique of patchwork , with which the classic quilts and countless other garments are made. We can also use this technique to decorate our walls and here you can take a look at some examples. Decorate your walls in patchwork style and take advantage of pieces of wallpaper or fabric that you have left over from other projects.


You can create fresh and youthful environments by choosing the right cuts or other more serious and elegant with darker cuts.


Here we have a magnificent example of the latter, a very sophisticated and romantic atmosphere, very nineteenth century.


We can use this type of patchwork decoration in any dependency of the house. It fits well for a bedroom, as we see here, or for any other.


In the children's rooms of vintage style or shabby chic, a wall decorated in patchwork will be perfect.


For the bathroom or the kitchen you can use this same technique with the wallpaper suitable for humid environments or also with colored tiles and various patterns.


Obviously when it comes to the bedroom we can combine the beautiful wall with a patchwork bedspread.


It is not always necessary to cover an entire wall or maintain the decoration on the same level. This cockpit dashboard occupies the right space and also plays with the depth creating a beautiful 3D effect.


Here we can see another bathroom with the wall decorated with this technique. In general it is a technique that is very good for retro environments or styles of said cut.


This reading corner decorated with patchwork combines the decoration of the wall with the textiles present in it.


This other corner of reading, much more sophisticated and elegant, is based on the strong presence of red and the colors that combine with it.


You can think that patchwork creates heavy and excessively ornate environments. But this decoration shows us the opposite, you can get elegant and light combinations.


For the kitchen will have to choose wallpaper that resists the conditions of this type of space.


The hallway can be a good place to decorate a wall with patchwork, either with paper or fabric, it will be a good welcome.


And if you like baroque decoration, with this technique you can get very elegant and ornate environments.


Although you can also create much more sober and spartan environments like this bedroom. Everything depends on the choice of cuts.


In short, whether with wallpaper, fabric cuts or tiles this centenary technique can help you add color and interest to any wall in your home.

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