Decorate your walls with bricks

Bricks are a basic element of construction that in the most cutting decorative currents have a great importance. In an industrial style the brick is fundamental but also in other styles this element can be used, either naked or painted.

Walls with bricks 1

In this kitchen with the walls covered in white wood, the brick becomes a focal point that strongly attracts attention by creating an intense contrast.

Walls with bricks 2

But also in more classic styles, brick can provide a vintage touch that breaks the excessive formality of the environment.

Walls with bricks 3

Its use in various walls of a room, fragmented as in this case by the windows, produces a unifying feeling. Although it is important to play with the color of the brick so that it does not create an excessive impact.

Walls with bricks 4

In modern environments the brick combines perfectly providing a vintage, rustic or industrial touch that contrasts with the latest furniture and designs.

Walls with bricks 5

The rustic brick combines perfectly with a floor covered in wood and furniture of various styles. Creating an eclectic style with a very personal touch is easy with this material.

Walls with bricks 6

When we have a brick wall like this chimney, we may be interested in softening its effect by painting the white bricks. An easy way to give a new air to a surface covered or built with bricks and we are a bit tired of its effect.

Walls with bricks 7

Sometimes it becomes a material of essential use as in this beautiful kitchen where the raised barn style ceiling and wooden floor need that brick wall either original or reconstructed.

Walls with bricks 8

The brick painted in white can have a balancing function as in this porch where dark tones abound.


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