Decorate your room this Christmas

It is true that most, when the Christmas , we are satisfied with decorating the living room, the hall, the entrance door and little else. We bring you these decorations so that you also include your bedroom between the areas to decorate this Christmas. So every time you open your eyes you will see that yes, that you are once again on this annual holiday so marked. And if you have children at home you will love them!


Few things are as Christmas as the Christmas tree. So why not install one in your bedroom or in the children's?


If you do not have as much free space you can hang a wreath made of fir branches on the headboard of the bed.


You can also add a touch of red to create more Christmas atmosphere.


Until you get decorations as complete as this one. Bed linen in red tones, auxiliary furniture, the tree and a snowy landscape as background.


This garland of fir branches and Christmas lights form a magnificent combination.


The bed is the most important focal point in a bedroom so any decorative action we make on it will be noticeable. Changing the quilt or quilt for one with Christmas motives will be a great idea.


Sometimes with a plaid or a blanket and a couple of red cushions may be enough. Good and the elegant crown installed on the headboard between the two lanterns is a great decoration.


A knitted blanket and personalized cushions provide warmth and that unmistakable Christmas look we want.


Here it is most evident with the red blanket and the quilt with floral motifs in the same color. As we are seeing you can create a Christmas decoration in our bedroom in very different ways, from the most subtle to the richest and most precious.


Very Christmas also this bed decorated in classic plan without being excessive.


A more subtle decoration that we see here. Bed linen in plaid with a little red that is complemented by a Christmas blanket and a red pillow. It does not take more to inspire the Christmas spirit.


This bed set leaves no doubt as to our pretensions. It is very clear and does not need any interpretation.


The lights are a Christmas complement that we can not leave out. A simple garland of lights will be the most suitable finish for the Christmas decoration of our room.


We can place as many as we want both at the head of the bed, a very visible place, as in the rest of the room.


Even in the window to create a good interaction between the Christmas decoration inside and outside the house.


If we have a Christmas tree in the room we can also install some lights, even if it is small.


It's simple and it will not take you long to decorate your room to give it that Christmas look you're looking for.

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