Decorate your pool for a party

If you have a pool in the garden of your house and you have to hold a party, birthday, baptism or any other gathering, we give you a good idea to use your pool as a center for the decoration of the outdoor party.


At the edge of the pool some columns of light with geometric figures like white spheres and in the pool other spheres without illuminating, colored.
We only give you one piece of advice, when you put the plastic spheres in the pool try not to put too many. So that the background is always visible. This is to avoid accidents and prevent them too.
The materials you will need for this decoration are:
  • Bamboo rods approximately 2 meters high and 1 inch in diameter.
  • Scotch tape.
  • LED outdoor lights in white colored hose.
  • White spherical screens.
  • Plastic or inflatable spheres of colors for the pool.
Let's start decorating ...
First you must take the rods and place them on the sides of the pool. To do this you must bury a depth of approximately 0.50 meters. They must stand firm and resist the weight of lights and screens.
Then, you take the exterior LED lights in white colored hose and the fixed ones to the rods with adhesive tape. Remember to plan where to plug them.
It is best to use the lights that we recommend because they are very well protected, they do not heat and they are exterior.
When you have placed the lights, you must go placing the spherical white screens (how it looks in the photo).


You can vary the colors if you want. That depends on your tastes. To finish the decoration, just put the inflatable or plastic balls in the pool and go! You have an original decoration taking advantage of your pool.
We hope you like it and if you have more ideas you can send them and we will publish them.

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